The Maple Tray

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Formed from a tree, made for rolling yours. The Maple Tray is moulded from a real piece of maple sourced from Ontario's Algonquin Park. Hand-made with sustainably-sourced clay from Alberta and Ontario. This tray has a built in grinder, space for rolling and built in pouring nozzle. It's a simple and sophisticated touch to any room. So beautiful it could double as a catchall dish in your space. 


  • Matte glazed finish interior

  • Raw finish underside

  • Moulded from real maple

  • Hand-made in Toronto

  • Sustainably-sourced clay

  • Packaging made with 100% recycled and biodegradable paper

A little bit about The Green Cannabis Co.

Green Meets Green.

Each piece in found in The Green Cannabis Co. collection is either molded from natural elements or are made of natural, sustainable elements. Everything is plastic free and fabricated in Toronto Ontario using premium Canadian sourced materials. In a nutshell, they’re the first cannabis company that’s eco-ethical.