Aromatic Diffuser

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Formulated with pure essential oils of Orange Peel / Lemon Leaf / Lebanese Cedar Uniquely fragranced using only pure plant extracts and pure essential oils, this aromatic diffuser with attractive decorative vase and reed sticks is ideal to create a subtle and delicate scent in your home


Scandinavian design represents a design philosophy and art de vivre that is characterize by functionality, simplicity and harmony with your environment. To compliment this art of living philosophy Canadian company Pure Living has introduced KROPP (Body). Their body care formulations are loaded with simple, natural ingredients that are kinder for your skin. Every product in the Kropp range serves a purpose whether sitting in a steaming bath, shower or (Hygge) by awakening your senesces with aromatic diffuser sticks. All KROPP products are packed with natural goodness, only using the most natural ingredients.