Coffee Scrub Bar

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Wake up and smell the coffee. Meet Embody's most exfoliating body soap. This coffee-infused soap bar will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Think coffee scrub but in soap bar format. 


Freshly Brewed Coffee - Makes the skin soft & bright, promotes circulation, and protects the skin from damage

Coffee Grounds - Acts as a wicked exfoliant, leaving the skin ultra-smooth

Activated Charcoal - Draws impurities and other unwelcome guests away from the skin


Coconut oil*, brewed coffee*, olive oil*, lard*, sunflower oil*, lye, cocoa butter*, castor oil*, coffee grounds*, cocoa powder*, activated charcoal

* = organic


To maximize the life of your body bar, keep it dry between use.

What EMBODY is all about:

They are a conscious skincare company that harnesses the power of plants into functional skincare products. They understand that we are shaped by our environment, just as much as we shape it. Well-thought design should reflect purpose, quality, and sustainability. For them, that means honouring our environment in order to create honest products.

They operate out of Montréal, Quebec and aim to keep their ingredients as local as possible. Their products are handmade in small batches at their studio in the Plateau Mont-Royal.