Luxury Linen Pillowcase

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Size: Double/Queen
Color: Blossom Pink
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In the age of crowded online options for your bedding. You could buy the “standard” cotton and polyester sheets and end up replacing them several times a year, or you could purchase high-quality natural linen which will last years and will actually help you sleep more soundly because they are more comfortable and you know they’re a sustainable, eco-friendly choice. 


  • Ready to optimize your beauty sleep? Durable, anti-bacterial, and easy to wash, a great pair of European stonewashed linen pillowcases will make your sleep, your skin, and hair better.
  • This product is sold individually. 


Believing "sleep is the new luxury", Vancouver based Sömn advocates mindful living through the use of 100% natural materials for everyday living. Their mission is to make wellness obsessed home textiles widely available for the discerning clientele without the compromise of our environment, comfort and ethics.