Modern Muskoka Rocker

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Color: Black
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Fabricated from high density polyethylene also know as puck board. This is the same type of plastic you would find on hockey arena boards - you can't get much more Canadian than that! It is known for its strength in outdoor conditions and has very high impact resistance in cold temperatures. The resin used for these contains recycled content as availability permits. 

SIZE: 30" W x 33.5" D x 38" H


These guys can be left outside year round, however it never hurts to store them in a safe place during the winter if snow load is a concern. Mild detergents and warm water will clean stains. Please note, while the resin has UV protection, the furniture will fade lightly over the years.

What Beaversprings is all about

Family owned and operated business in Southern Ontario. They pride themselves on their attention to details and creativity - continuously designing new product lines that The Shoppe will continue to promote.  


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  • Please note: Other colours available upon request.
  • Due to high demand + COVID the current lead time is 10 weeks minimum.