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Color: White Oak Natural
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Walnut and White oak only available at this time.

These are the perfect small catch-all pinch pots. Perfect for so many things including jewelry in your bed/bathroom or spices in the kitchen. Even empty they are beautiful! 


This item is made to order and is a handmade, natural product. Due to this, there may be colour, grain and small shape differences. Each spoon is  finished with a food safe homemade beeswax and coconut oil wood butter.

Size: Will vary


  • Avoid allowing wood to come in contact with liquids for a prolonged period of time.
  • When washing the products, wipe off excessive food particles and wipe down with a mild dish soap and immediately pat dry.
  • Avoid putting any product in a dishwasher.


Growing up around a skilled furniture maker and wood turner for a grandfather Jordan was influenced early in life to explore timber as a medium for creating. His grandfather always pushed him to not only learn the skills required to work with wood, but for him to understand a timber species characteristic and to love the process of making rather than just the finished result.  

Soon after completing my Masters of Architecture in Adelaide, Australia, he made the jump over the big blue pond to Canada where he love lives in Muskoka with his partner Kristi and golden Oak.